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                                                     Directory of Finishing Machines for Metal parts
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The Directory of Metal finishing machines, Surface finishing machines, includes details of various types of Deburring, polishing & finishing machines, such as : Shot blasting, Sand blasting, Grit Blasting, Vibratory finishing, Centrifugal finishing, Thermal deburring, Dry ice blast cleaning, Electro chemical deburring, Honing, Super finishing, Surface finishing, Thermal spraying, Latest in Deburring, Polishing, Finishing machines & Abrasive Media.

Shot Blasting Machine

                       Guru Nanak Mfg Company - Guru Nanak - Shot Blasting Machines
Manufacturers of Shot Blasting Machines in Tumblast, Swing Table, Hanger, Monorail & Continuous conveyor models 

Guru Nanak Mfg. Company at Jallandhar are one of the leading manufacturers of Shot blasting machines, Grit blasting machines, Dust collectors & Spare parts. The range of shot blasting machine models, being manufactured, include : Tumblast shot blasting machines, Table model shot blasting machines, Continuous conveyor model shot blasting machines, Hanger type shot blasting machines in Monorail, single dool, double door, rotary hanger models, Shot peening machines & special purpose Grit blasting machines for longer life. Please feel free to call us now at : 9212004471 or E mail us at : metalfinishing@yahoo.co.in

Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine
In the Tumblast model Shot Blasting machines, components are loaded in the batches on the conveyor belt of Shot blasting machine. Centrifugal blasting rotor throws the abrasives on the component & than it passes through the holes in the belt. It is automatically re-circulated and the process is continued. The result is the neat & clean components with a universal finish. This is a mass finishing machine suitable for batch processing applications.

Swing Table Model Shot Blasting Machines
Swing table Shot blasting machine is useful where the components are either heavy or only Top portion of the component is to be shot blasted. The components are loaded on the table instead of the conveyor belt & rest of the process is same as that of a Tumblast shot blasting machine.

Hanger Model Shot Blasting Machines
in the Hanger type Shot blasting machine, the components are hanged on rotary hangers & rotated automatically. It may be a Monorail type machine or with Single / Double door machine or with a Centralised fixed hanger inside the chamber of the machine.

Continuous Conveyor Model Shot Blasting Machines
The components are loaded in the Continuous conveyor shot blasting machine on a conveyor belt that passes through the shot blasting chamber with one or more centrifugal blast cleaning rotors. The cleaned & finished components emerge on the other end of the conveyor belt when it comes out of the blast cleaning chamber. Generally upper layer of the component gets shot blasted in the machine though options of more rotors to cover the components from all sides also exist.

Shot Blasting Machine

                             Vohras International - Exporters of Shot Blasting Machines
Over 30 years experience in the field of Finishing Machines for the finishing of Metal parts    

Vohras International at Delhi, India, offers wide range of Surface finishing machines for Polishing, Finishing, Deburring, Cleaning, Edge reducing, Derusting, Cutting, Descaling, Mirror finishing, Ball burnishing, Matt finishing, Smoothening, Shot blasting & Sand blasting of castings, forgings, aluminium & zinc die castings, brass castings & forgings, gun metal casting parts as well sheet metal & tempered components related to any industry. Please feel free to contact us for any of your requirements. Please feel free to call us now at : 9212004471 or E mail us at : metalfinishing@yahoo.co.in

Sand / Shot Blasting Machines
Sand Blasting Machines  are available in various sizes in the Portable as well Cabinet models. Cabinet models include : Pressure blasting, Suction blasting as well Wet blasting machines. A wide range of Automatic, Semi automatic & mannual Blast rooms are also available. Vaccum blasting machines, Mobile sand blasting machines for concrete are also available. Plz contact us for more details. Shot blasting machines are available in Tumblast, Table, Hanger & Continuous conveyor models.

Vibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory Finishing Machines are available in various sizes with Auto separation model as well non separation model. Ball burnishing vibratory machines are available in various sizes. Internal lining is being done in PU. Tub vibratory models as well mini vibratory finishing machines for jewellery are also available. Ceramic media, Plastic media, Deburring & Polishing chemicals are available.

Centrifugal Finishing Machine

Centrifugal Finishing Machines for deburring & polishing of small to very small components are available in various sizes. Minimum 10 Lt capacity to maximum 100 lt capacity of machines are available. Machines with Fixed barrels as with removal barrels are also available. Special sieves for automatic separation of the components from media particles are also available.

Thermal Deburring Machine

Thermal Deburring Machines are most suitable for internal deburring of components. Cross hole deburring can very easily be done in a split of a second. These are the latest Deburring machines being offered by Vohras International. Thermal deburring machines are available in various models as well sizes. Plz feel free to mail us your detailed querry with drawings, marking the critical areas to be deburred.

Electro chemical deburring machine

Electro chemical deburring machines are  suitable for internal deburring of components. Cross hole deburring can very easily be done. These are the latest Deburring machines being offered by Vohras International. Electro chemical deburring machines - ECD / ECM are available in various models as well sizes. Plz feel free to mail us your most valued querry with drawings.

Dry ice blast cleaning Machine
The dry ice blasting machine or blast cleaning machine uses small pellets of dry ice sprayed through a jet nozzle with compressed air to remove paints, oil, grease, dirt, ink, adhesives and other materials you want to remove. The frigid temperature of the dry ice against the dirty surface causes adhesion to shrink and loosen from the surface. On immediate impact, the dry ice evaporates into environmentally safe and innocuous CO2 gas. Plz feel free to call us / mail us / contact us with your most valued querry for any more details.

Sand blasting nozzle
Ceramic media
Stainless steel media

Sand blasting nozzles include the Tungston carbide as well Boron carbide nozzles. These are available in straight bore, ventury bore as well crossed bore designs in various sizes. Suction blasting nozzles in BC for a longer life are readily available. Plz view the video inside. A wide range of Ceramic Media, Deburring Media, Polishing Media, Deburring stones, Polishing stones, Grinding media, Plastic media, Plastic stones for deburring & polishing of metal components in the Vibratory finishing / mass finishing systems are available.A wide range of Stainless steel media, Ball burnishing media, Stainless steel balls, cones, settalites are available in various sizes. In adition, magnetic media in various sizes is also available. Please feel free to contact us.

Shot Blasting Machine

            Buy Sell - Used - Shot Blasting, Polishing, Finishing, Deburring machines
Please E mail us with details of  used / second hand Finishing machine, that you want to buy / sell
With an experience of over 25 years in this field, we are offering you a Golden opportunity to BUY or Sell your old, Second hand any kind of Indian or Imported, Polishing, Finishing, Deburring machines, including Shot blasting, Sand blasting, Vibratory finishing, Centrifugal finishing, Deburring, Polishing, Finishing, Thermal deburring, Dry ice blast cleaning, Thermal spraying, Honing, etc. etc. Registration absolutely Free. Please feel free to contact us on our email ID finishingmachines@yahoo.in

Shot Blasting Machine

                                                                 SHOT BLASTING MACHINE - SPARE PARTS
Spare Parts for the Guru Nanak make Shot Blasting Machines
Please feel free to contact us for wide range of Spare Parts of Shot Blasting machines for various models, brands, sizes of Shot Blasting machines, such as Rotor, Shafts, Blades, Cage Impeller, Cage plate, Centre plate, Top segment, Side liners, Round plate, Adapters, Conveyor belt, Elevator buckets & Belts, etc. etc. Please feel free to contact us on our mobile number 9212004471 or email ID metalfinishing@yahoo.co.in

Shot Blasting Machine

Email: metalfinishing@yahoo.co.in
Please get in touch with us via Mobile, whatsApp or E mail, at the earliest

whatsApp / Mobile number 0091-9212004471, New Delhi, India


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