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Directory of Finishing Machines for Metal parts


Shot blasting machine, Sand blasting machine, Vibratory finishing machine,


 Thermal deburring, Dry ice blast cleaning, Electro chemical deburring machines


Abrasive media, Buffing & Polishing machines, Dry ice blast cleaning machines, Electro chemical Deburring machines, Honing machines, Sand blasting machines, Shot Blasting machines, Super Finishing machines, Thermal deburring machines, Thermal spraying machines, Ultra sonic cleaning machines, Vibratory finishing machines, Centrifugal Finishing machines as well Used Finishing machines & Consumables.


These are the Surface finishing machines for Polishing, Finishing, Deburring, Cleaning, Edge reducing, Derusting, Cutting, Descaling, Mirror finishing, Ball burnishing, Matt finishing, Smoothening, Shot blasting & Sand blasting of castings, forgings, aluminium & zinc die castings, brass castings & forgings, gun metal casting parts as well sheet metal & tempered components related to any industry.



Manufacturers of Shot Blasting Machines in Tumblast,

Table, Hanger, Continuous Conveyor models at Jalandhar, India


Guru Nanak Enterprises - one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Shot Blasting machines, Grit blasting machines, Shot peening machines, Dust collectors as well Spare parts for the complete range, with well known & very reputed brand name, "ACCUROFABS". These are the Airless Centrifugal Wheel blasting machines for the cleaning & finishing of castings, forgings, aluminium die castings, brass & gun metal components, sheet metal as well the tempered or hardened parts.


These Shot blasting machines are available in Tumblast Shot blasting, Swig Table shot blasting, Monorail Hanger Shot blasting, Single door & double door Hanger Shot blasting, Centralised hanger shot blasting machines, Continuous conveyor models of Shot & Grit blasting machines. Latest in the range includes : Paver shot blasting, Tiles shot blasting, Clutch plates shot blasting machines.




Sand blasting machines, Vibratory finishing machines,
Thermal Deburring, Dry ice blast cleaning machines, Delhi, India

Vohras International at Delhi, India offers a wide range of Metal finishing, deburring, polishing machines, spares & consumables, such as : Shot blasting, Sand Blasting, Vibratory finishing, Thermal deburring, Dry ice blast cleaning, Electro chemical deburring as well the Thermal spraying guns for metallic & non metallic coatings.

  nozzles ceramic media plastic media plastic media steel media centrifugal Vibratory sand blasting Hanger model 27x36 20x27  

Sand  blasting machines include Pressure blast, suction blast, wet blast as well portable models. The Latest Dry ice blast cleaning machines, where DRY ICE is used as a medium to blast clean various components. Vibratory finishing machines & Centrifugal finishing machines for Mass finishing of small to medium components. The latest in Deburring equipments include Electro Chemical Deburring machinesThermal  Deburring  machines. The Thermal spraying technology includes Flame spray guns, Arc spray, Plasma spray, HVOF & so on.






Enquiry for Metal Finishing, Surface Finishing Machines

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Mobile : +91 - 9212004471 , E mail : finishingmachines@yahoo.in

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 Thermal deburring machines, Thermal spraying technology Electro chemical deburring machines,  Dry ice blast cleaning, Sand blasting nozzles,

  Hanger model shot blasting machines, Paver shot blasting, Tumblast shot blasting machines, Table model Shot blasting machines, Spare parts,

 Continuous conveyor model Shot Blasting, Plastic media, Stainless steel media, Ceramic media, Mass finishing compounds, Used Finishing Machines,

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