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Electrochemical Deburring Machines

Electro chemical deburring machines , Electro chemical machining machines ,

Thermal Deburring Machines , Die Polishing Machines.


Have you Problems in the following Areas?

Deburring after machining?

Large quantities to be deburred?

Deburring problems at hole penetrations?

Burr which is not easily accessible?

Rounding work in addition to deburring?

Provision of slots or contours in addition to deburring?


Engineers over the years have been confronted by the problem of the efficient removal of burrs and sharp edges from various facets on components, and with the rapid increase in automatic machining cycles some components are absorbing more time on burr removal than the machining content.

Deburring has been described as the corrective treatment of components having had burrs created by other machining processes.

Today, the majority of deburring is still performed by means of hand tools, although the introduction of methods such as rotating and vibratory barrels, metallic paste, thermal deburring and ultrasonics to name but a few, are bringing consistency to the product.

Electro Chemical Deburring is one of the most efficient methods being utilised today, especially on internal features where conventional methods are extremely difficult and arduous.

Electro Chemical Deburring and Static Machining is ideally suited to both batch and flow production, where set time cycles are essential. The typical time cycles for deburring are between 5 seconds and 30 seconds, and static machining seldom involves .

Please let us have your Drawings as well samples so that we could forward the same to the Manufacturers for a suitable machine and trial results if possible. We can also offer you Re Furbished machines. Looking forward for your valued querries.

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