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Directory of Finishing Machines for Metal parts

A worldwide Directory of Deburring, Polishing  & Surface Finishing Machines for Metal parts

 Metal finishing, polishing, buffing, deburring, cleaning, derusting, descaling,  mirror finishing, cutting, ball burnishing, matt finishing, surface finishing

Shot Blasting machine, Grit blasting machine, Wheel blasting machine, Centrifugal blast cleaning machine, Tumblast, Tqable, Hanger, Conveyor models


Enquiries Received

Enquiries for various types of Surface Finishing machines, Vibratory finishing machines are being produced below.
 If you require the Enquiries, please feel free to contact us. Our Mail ID is : finishingmachines@yahoo.in

Iím looking for a Thermal Deburring Machines. Canada


Iím looking for a Sand Blasting Machine for Cleaning with sand n water. Panipat

We require 60 KG CFM for Mirror polish of Zinc buckles + other components. Pl quote with technical details. Kanpur
Iím looking for a Vibratory Finishing Machine for Jean Buttons. Greater Noida

Guru Nanak Enterprises, Vohras International,  Shot blasting machines, Sand blasting machines, Vibratory finishing machines,

 Thermal deburring machines, Thermal spraying technology Electro chemical deburring machines,  Dry ice blast cleaning, Sand blasting nozzles,

  Hanger model shot blasting machines, Paver shot blasting, Tumblast shot blasting machines, Table model Shot blasting machines, Spare parts,

 Continuous conveyor model Shot Blasting, Plastic media, Stainless steel media, Ceramic media, Mass finishing compounds, Used Finishing Machines,

 important enquiries, Denim sand blasting, Finishing news

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