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Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine


manufactured by Guru Nanak Mfg Company 




Swing table model shot blasting machines, Rotary table model Shot Blasting machines

Single Door Shot blasting machines, Double door shot blasting machines



Useful for :


These Airless Blast Cleaning Machines are useful  where a single side is to be shot blasted at a time. The machine can also be used for shot blasting of heavy components which can't be shot blasted in other models of machines being manufactured. Process is similar to a Tumblast shot blasting machine, with the difference that instead of a Conveyor, it has a Rotary Table affixed on a door. Components are loaded on the table & door is closed for processing. While processing of the first door, Rotary table on the second door is cleared & re loaded & vice versa.



Process :


Components are loaded on a rotary table and get shot blasted. The machines are available in Single door as well Double door. In case of double door machine, one door can be used for shot blasting and the second door for loading & unloading at the same time & vice versa. The machines are similar to ones made in Delhi, Jallandhar, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore or worldwide. The difference is in the quality of the wearable parts. We use the best grade of raw material for the wearable parts that give a long lasting life to the machine.


guru Nanak Mfg Company

tumblast shot blasting machine

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