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Pressure Blasting Machines




Vohras International offers Sand blasting machines in Portable as well Cabinet models in Pressure blast, Suction blast, Wet blast as well Complete Blast Rooms & Sand blasting Nozzles. Details of Sand blasting machines are as below :

  What is Sand Blasting : Sand Blasting procedure :  

Sand blasting is the act of propelling very fine bits of material, called abrasives, at high-velocity, with the help of air pressure using a compressor, through a nozzle to clean or etch the surface. Sand used to be the most commonly used material, but due to the health problems such as lung disease, caused by extended inhalation of the dust created by sand, other materials  such as Aluminium oxide, Glass beads, Copper slag, Steel shots, steel grit, Walnut & even the coconut shells are now used in its place. Any small, relatively uniform particles can be used in sand blasting process but the process must be carefully controlled, using an alternate air supply, with proper protective wear and ventilation.


We have to use a a Sand blasting machine, that can be a Portable one or a Cabinet model, that can be a pressure blast, suction blast or a wet blasting machine,  a compressor for air required, a sand blasting nozzle & the abrasives to do a job. It can be used for sand blasting, cleaning & finishing as well to etch or carve a design or to write some words over components or on glass. Portable models can be used openly or in closed chambers called Blast rooms but using an alternate air supply, with proper protective wear and ventilation.

  Models of Sand Blasting Machines :  
  Sand blasting machines are available in Portable as well Cabinet models as below :  
Portable Sand Blasting Machines :

Portable sand blasting machines are used for cleaning and finishing of bigger components, big tanks, Structures. It is a dry process & can be used in the open, though it is more suitable in a closed chamber blast room, with lights, ventilation & dust collection system. The Blasting media is to be re loaded and it works by Air pressure through a Sand blasting nozzle, affixed in the Hose pipe. Various sizes are available such as 150 KG, 300 KG, 500 KG, 900KG, 1000 KG & more. The best possible advantage of this mode is that it can be taken to the site very easily.

  Cabinet Model Sand Blasting Machines :  

Cabinet Models of Sand Blasting machines are suitable for in house work as they are attached with a suitable dust collection system. The range of sand blasting machines in cabinet models include includes Pressure blasting, Suction blasting & Wet blasting machines. Pressure blasters are used for castings, forgings or hard materials whereas Suction blaster is used for Aluminium, Brass, Gun metal parts / components, as below :

  Pressure Blasting Machines :  

Pressure blasting machines are useful for the finishing and cleaning of castings, forgings as well hardened or tempered components or when we have to remove heavy corrosion, tough coatings and when the production rate is higher. In the Pressure blasting cabinets, hands are mounted in the rubber gloves and by holding nozzle in hands the operator can do the Sand blasting and view the same through the mirror. Nozzles can also be wall mounted. Rotary table, Motorised rotary table as well tumbling baskets are available as optional accessories. Continuous conveyor model machines are also available with multiple nozzles.

  Suction Blasting Machines :  

Suction blasting machines are more suitable for cleaning & finishing of Non Ferrous components Ex: Aluminium , Zinc , Brass, Gun Metal, etc. The suction blasting system has a Suction blasting nozzle instead of a pressure blasting and is therefore a cost effective solution as it uses less compressed air. Suction Blast machines provide the ideal cleaning and finishing solution to many coating and corrosion problems and very ideally suited to ensuring a decorative or aesthetically and pleasing surface finish across components. Glass beads, Aluminium oxide can be used as abrasive materials in the Suction blasting cabinets. Nozzles can be holded by hands or  wall mounted. Rotary table, Motorised rotary table as well tumbling baskets are available as optional accessories. Continuous conveyor model machines are also available with multiple nozzles.

  Wet Blasting Machines :  

Wet blasting, similarly to dry blasting, is the use of an abrasive media and compressed air to achieve a desired finish on a chosen surface. It is generally used for cleaning and finishing of components which require additional brightness. Its also called Liquid Honing process. Blasting media as a slurry is processed in the machine and components are finished as a wet process. Different types of abrasive media can  be used in a  wet blasting system and this is determined by the type of effect or finish that is required. Typically users will opt for a silicon glass bead for a “polished” finish or an aluminium oxide to achieve a “cutting” effect resulting into a matt finish. However, medias such as ceramic, plastics and steel shot can also be used on particular applications.

Blast rooms :

for cleaning and finishing of big & heavy components in a closed chamber called Blast room. It can have the Auto re cycling / manual collection of Blasting media. Generally Portable model of Sand blasting machines are used in the Blast rooms. But blast rooms with multiple nozzles and reciprocation if required at various angles can also be made available. These are the closed chamber systems but duly ventilated, lighted and with a suitable Dust collection system for smooth functioning.


Sample pics of some components

  before & after sand blasting :  

                                    Before sand blasting                                           After sand blasting

  Before sand blasting                                           After sand blasting  

Sand Blasting Nozzles

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