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Exporters of Shot Blasting Machines 

Shot blasting machines in Tumblast, Table, Hanger & Continuous Conveyor Models


There are a large number of manufacturing units in various parts of the world, ( USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Canada, China, Hungry, Egypt, etc.), producing Sand castings, Forgings, Aluminium Die castings, Zinc die castings, Brass & Gun metal parts, Sheet metal & Tempered components. They all require a Shot blasting machine for the cleaning & finishing of their components.


We are the Exporters of Shot blasting machines for such components. With an experience of over 30 years in the Shot Blasting industry, we can offer the customers a perfect size & model of shot blasting machine. The range includes Tumblast model, Swing table model, Hanger model, Monorail model as well as the Continuous conveyor model of Shot Blasting Machines. 


Shot blasting machines / Grit Blasting Machines


 Introducing a compact model of 20"x27" Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine with 9 Ft height


We are pleased to introduce our New Compact model of 20"x27" Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine with a height of 9 Ft only. This model is best suitable for installations in the Basement or in the Factories with Low height. Various sizes in the normal height include - Tumblast 20x27, 20x42, 27x36, 30x43, 36x42, 42x42, 48x48 & the bigger ones. Trials can be arranged for any small component for batch processing of Shot blasting. The range includes the Swing Table model of Shot Blasting machines with Single/Double doors, Hanger model of Blast cleaning machines with Single/double door, inner Rotary hanger as well as Monorail model,  and the Continuous Conveyor model of Wheel blasting machines.



Polishing, Finishing, Deburring Machines


Grit blasting machines with special quality of spare parts also available


We can also offer wide range of Polishing & Finishing machines. The range includes Vibratory finishing, Centrifugal finishing machines, Ball burnishing machines, Trough vibratory finishing machines available with PU and Synthetic Rubber linings in various sizes as well the Vibratory dryers;  we can offer you suitable Vibratory finishing machines, Centrifugal finishing machines and can arrange trial of your metal components for DEBURRING & POLISHING.The vibratory & centrifugal finishing machines can also be used for POLISHING as a mass finishing system. Here the ceramic stones or plastic media is used to debur or polish a component with vibrations achieved by a special vibratory motor. Stainless steel media can also be used in Ball burnishing models for mirror finish.



Mass Finishing Media, Stainless Steel Media - Balls, Cones, Pins

Deburring & Polishing Stones for the Mass Finishing machines, Sand Blasting Nozzles
  We can also offer Finishing media such as : Ceramic media, Plastic media, Stainless steel media, Stainless Steel Balls, Stainless Steel Cones / Setallites, Stainless Steel Angular / Straight Pins, Stainless Steel Magnetic media, Sand blasting nozzles, Glass beads, Grits, Aluminium oxide, Mass finishing chemicals etc.  


Please feel free to Contact us via our E mail, Mobile or whatsApp, for any more details: 



 F-19/10, Krishna Nagar, Delhi - 110051, India  
 whatsApp / mobile:  0091- 9212004471
E-mail: metalfinishing@yahoo.co.in
Looking forward to the Enquiries for the Export of Shot Blasting machines, Grit Blasting machine to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Botswana, UAE, Libya, Australia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Hungry, Myanmar, Russia & other countries for Castings, Forgings, Aluminium Die castings, Brass & Gun metal parts, Sheet metal & Tempered components in various sizes. Dealership querries solicited worldwide. 

Vohras International - Exporters of Shot Blasting Machines - Contact
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