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Exporter of Finishing Machines for Metal Parts, Surface Finishing Machines, Metal Finishing Machines


Exporter of Shot blasting machines, Sand blasting machines,


 Deburring, Polishing, Finishing machine, machines, equipment


Vohras International are Exporters of Metal finishing, polishing, finishing, deburring machines such as Sand blasting, Shot blasting, Vibratory finishing, Centrifugal finishing, Electro Chemical deburring, Thermal deburring, Thermal spraying, Dry Ice Blast cleaning as well the Finishing Media such as stainless steel media, plastic media, ceramic media, Steel shots, Grits, Aluminium oxide, Glass beads, Sand blasting nozzles, mass finishing chemicals, P S Balls etc.


Shot blasting machines


 Exporter of Shot blasting machine in Tumblast, Table, Hanger & Continuous Conveyor models


We can offer you Shot Blasting Machines for batch processing of small components in Tum blast model, Rotary Table model or Swing table model, Hanger model, continuous conveyor models as well Mono rail models. Shot Peening machines can also be given in various models & Sizes. This process provides a considerable increase in the fatigue life of the components. In adition Swing table model and continuous conveyor model machines are also available. Please contact us for complete range of Spare Parts for Shot Blasting Machines.


Sand  blasting machines


 Available in Portable model, Cabinet models - Pressure blast, Suction blasting, Wet Blast models


we can offer you Sand blasting machines in portable & cabinet models. The portable model is available in many sizes i.e. from 150 kg capacity to 2 tons capacity. The cabinet models are available in pressure blasting, suction blasting and wet blasting machines. Vaccum blasting machines also come in our range. Each model has many sizes as per suitability.Complete blast rooms with dust collector, lighting, abrasive recycling system can also be provided. Sand blasting nozzles in TC as well BC are also available.


Vibratory finishing machines


Deburring, Polishing, Ball Burnishing, Centrifugal finishing, Roll Flow, Drag finishing machines


The range includes Vibratory finishing, Centrifugal finishing machines, Ball burnishing machines, Trough vibratory finishing machines available with PU and Synthetic Rubber linings in various sizes as well the Vibratory dryers;  we can offer you suitable Vibratory finishing machines, Centrifugal finishing machines and can arrange trial of your metal components for DEBURRING & POLISHING.The vibratory & centrifugal finishing machines can also be used for POLISHING as a mass finishing system. Here the ceramic stones or plastic media is used to debur or polish a component with vibrations achieved by a special vibratory motor. Stainless steel media can also be used in Ball burnishing models for mirror finish.


Electro Chemical deburring machines


The latest machines for the internal cross hole deburring as well for many other applications is the Electro Chemical deburring machines.Please log on to the page to view complete details. Trials of your components can also be arranged on ECD machines. Details can be viewed from the link above.


Thermal deburring machines


Added in our product range is the latest in the internal deburring, the Thermal deburring machines. which removes inside burrs (for example crossholes, intersections) and also burrs at the outside surface of workpieces. More details will be uploaded soon.


Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Machines


Dry ice blast cleaning machines where the Dry ice is used instead of the abrasive media for the purposes of cleaning & finishing of components. Details can be viewed from the link above.


Thermal spraying technology

  Thermal spraying technology for coating metal on various components. The range includes Flame spray guns, Plasma spray, Arc spray, HVOF systems. Details can be viewed from the link above.  

Finishing Media

  We can also offer Finishing media such as : Ceramic media, Plastic media, Stainless steel media, Magnetic media, Sand blasting nozzles, Glass beads, Grits, Aluminium oxide, Mass finishing chemicals etc.  

Contact us for Detailed catalogues, FOB & CIF Prices of our machines for Export :




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Dealership Enquiries solicited  for EXPORT of Shot Blasting Machine, Grit blasting machine, Spare parts from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Botswana, UAE, Australia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Hungry, Myanmar, Russia & other countries. Exporter, Exporters, Export of Shot Blasting machine, machines, equipment, spare parts. Existing customers in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Uttranchal, UP,MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana, Egypt, Hungry & a lot lot more.


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